Having worked in documentary for many years, whilst transitioning from photography to filmmaking, our love for composition and style has always played a huge part in what we do. We are visual storytellers, engaging the audience in not just informative or emotive films, but films that take the viewer on a journey, whilst keeping their attention.

It is our versatility that allows us to stay inspired and be constantly evolving, so if there are any other projects that we may not have mentioned, please don't hesitate to give us a call, message us on facebook or send us an email. We look forward to working with you.

We specialise in online video content and short films. From documentaries, to music videos, adverts to weddings we are here to take your branding, ideas, events or writing to the next level. By combining our love for story, our pride in photography and our technical ability and focus we are here to realise your film.

Through commissions and commercial work we have worked with a huge variety of clients from, small business and artists, to live music venues and offices. We can also help shape your idea and translate it to the screen. If you are a writer, or director and need a crew to realise your concept then get in touch.



From portraiture to still life, landscape to action shots, our ability to adapt our unique style across all kinds of projects and work with brands, business, influencers and online campaigns set us apart from everyone else. We can fully brand your business, providing images, video content and graphics to maintain the highest quality throughout. 



Aswell as being a creative studio working with graphic designers, composers and sound technicians across Bournemouth and London. We also run events and have exciting projects running from film screenings to music nights.